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Level One Robotics and Controls, a Canadian engineering service provider, is at the core of a massive data breach for automakers. 157 GB of highly sensitive data was exposed from over 100 companies including Ford, GM, Tesla, Toyota, Chrysler, Fiat, and Volkswagen. The data was accessed by a security researcher who classified the data into three categories: customer, employee and Level One data. The data included assembly line schematics, factory floor plans layouts, robotic configurations, animations, and documentation. The Level One business data ranged from contracts to bank account details. […]

There is an extraordinary amount of data captured online. The data helps to personalize user experience on sites like Amazon. Data can also help companies make internal decisions. Not all data is the same, dark data can be used to create dark analytics. Learn more about dark data and dark analytics in our new Uncovering Dark Analytics infographic.

In 2000, China banned illegal e-waste imports; but the country was still receiving tons of e-waste a year. The Chinese city, Guiyu, was known as the e-waste capital because it was the center of China’s e-waste industry. According to the UN, 70% of all e-waste was being exported to China. Last year, China blocked all imports of 24 types of foreign trash. This action left a void in the e-waste industry. This year, so far e-waste in Thailand has increased to 37,000 tons. This number does not include the illegal […]

Why is edge computing growing in the current tech landscape? Learn more about the future of edge computing in our latest infographic.

In 2016, the Basel Action Network (BAN) conducted the e-Trash Transparency Project. BAN also published a report, “Disconnect: Goodwill and Dell, Exporting the Public’s e-Waste to Developing Countries” that explained the entire tracking process. The project tracked equipment given to Goodwill. The results were surprising. Some of the donated computers were exported to East Asia. At the time Dell partnered with Goodwill for their Reconnect Program. The Reconnect Program promises that equipment will be refurbished or recycled responsibly. The program allows customers to take old computer equipment of any brand […]