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Recently, a cyber-security firm G-Data discovered they purchased a laptop that housed German military secrets. Germany’s defense ministry is still unsure how the laptop ended up on the auction website. A discovery like this in the wrong hands could put Germany’s safety at risk.

The highly contagious Coronavirus is impacting more than people’s health; it’s impacting businesses. Officials have identified Wuhan, a province in China, as the epicenter of the virus. So far, the Chinese government has tried to contain the spread of the virus by quarantining residents in the Wuhan region. These measures have not been effective. Now the tech industry, unfortunately, is being affected by the disease. Distribution May Suffer Alibaba, Xiaomi, and Huawei are just of the few tech companies based in China. The country also produces components for other popular […]

Conferences grant attendees opportunities to learn more about new innovations, services and products, and network with others. There are countless conferences targeted to IT professionals, but which conferences should you attend this year? In this article, we highlight the top IT and cloud conferences to attend in 2020. 1) Amazon Web Services Global Summit This year, AWS summits will be in New York, San Francisco, DC, Atlanta, and Chicago. The events focus on more than AWS they also feature an exhibitor showroom full of tech service providers. There is no […]

Last week, Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 7. In the infographic below, we show the impact of the Windows 7 end of life by industry. Learn more about the after-effects of Windows 7 end of life in our recent blog post here.

Microsoft’s Windows 7 Reaches its End of Life As of January 14th, Microsoft is officially no longer supporting Windows 7 – without an additional fee. This means devices with this operating system (OS) will not receive patches or updates. Without these software updates, the outdated system will be vulnerable to hackers and other cyberattacks. Microsoft is offering an alternative for enterprise users not quite ready to transition. The fee starts at $25 per device. Annually there will be an incremental increase. The extension for Windows 7 will only be available […]