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During this time, many employees have transitioned from working at a corporate location to working from home. These new circumstances forced organizations to quickly put a strategy in place for workers to have the essential technology. In these circumstances, companies had to pay the cost to purchase new assets, then setup licenses, contracts, and other necessary environments. But with nationwide reopening on the horizon, organizations must consider what they will do with these devices once they return to the office. Mapping out an approach is needed to migrate the security […]

For many IT professionals, cybersecurity remains a top of mind focus. As ransomware attacks become more sophisticated, you must discover new ways to safeguard your systems. In this infographic, we highlight key insights into the impact of ransomware and growing trends.

During this time, organizations are shifting priorities. Many companies are looking for alternative sources of capital. Organizations may overlook the value of their excess IT equipment. Selling decommissioned IT hardware can provide a much-needed cash infusion for enterprises. Reselling IT Equipment is an Art Although IT equipment can hold value, reselling can be time-consuming and complicated. Staff may need countless hours to adopt proper procedures while still managing other organizational tasks. Another challenge could be how to handle shipping and sales accurately. Companies with locations across the globe must take […]

In this infographic, we share information about hyperscale data centers including the advantages of having a hyperscale data center and the estimated growth.

Globally, e-waste is steadily growing. The growth is partially due to the fast pace of innovation. As technology changes, companies must adapt to stay competitive and safeguard their networks. For example, Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 earlier this year, pushing many IT professionals also to update their infrastructure. These refreshes leave organizations with excess equipment that they need to discard. According to the Global E-waste Monitor 2017 report, e-waste will grow to 52.2 metric tons by 2021. The report was a collaborative effort by United Nations University, the International […]