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Microsoft’s Windows 7 Reaches its End of Life As of January 14th, Microsoft is officially no longer supporting Windows 7 – without an additional fee. This means devices with this operating system (OS) will not receive patches or updates. Without these software updates, the outdated system will be vulnerable to hackers and other cyberattacks. Microsoft is offering an alternative for enterprise users not quite ready to transition. The fee starts at $25 per device. Annually there will be an incremental increase. The extension for Windows 7 will only be available […]

Today e-Stewards announced their new program ADVANCE+. The initiative is a workforce development program created to employ people with autism and other disabilities. The ADVANCE+ program is designed to help e-Stewards solve critical business labor problems while helping their communities solve a critical and growing social issue. Liquid Technology was one of the few companies selected to participate in the inaugural 2020 class of ADVANCE+. “Liquid Technology is delighted to be chosen to participate in the e-Stewards ADVANCE+ program. Being able to provide employment opportunities to this worthy community enables us […]

In honor of National Tech Day, we compiled a list of our team’s favorite tech innovations of the past decade and which items we are excited to see take center stage in the decade ahead. See the full list of our top tech picks in the infographic below.

Recently, the Verge featured a story on the “dark-side” of e-waste. The story dove into some of the industry horror stories and repercussions of improper e-waste recycling. During the short documentary, they interviewed the Basel Action Network (BAN) Founder, Jim Puckett. Puckett provided a candid view of the work his organization is doing and how it’s impacting the world. In the past, some companies have exported e-waste overseas. Often this equipment is dumped in developing nations. In most cases, these areas do not have proper processing facilities, exposing them to […]

Sustainability is becoming a growing concern for many organizations. Yet many companies are unaware of how much technology impacts the environment. Below are a few stats that could help make your organization more sustainable in 2020. Unnecessary Emails have a Greater Impact A new study commissioned by OVO states that in the UK alone, over 64 million unnecessary emails are sent daily. If each UK adult sent one fewer email that would save more than 16,433 tonnes (over 36 million pounds) of carbon a year. This is just a small […]