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Workforce Reduction

Workforce Reduction Client Scenario


A large law firm had to shut down one of its practices. The law firm laid off the employees from that practice. That left the law firm with excess computers, phones, and other IT equipment. The CIO wanted to sell the excess IT equipment. Yet to ensure data security, the CIO needed to wipe the data from each hard drive.


The CIO contacted Liquid Technology to assist with the firm’s excess IT equipment. Liquid Technology collected the equipment and brought it to their secure facility. Liquid Technology followed D O D 5220.22M and NIST standards to properly wipe the data from the hard drives. Then Liquid Technology served as the law firm’s broker to sell their used IT equipment.


Liquid Technology provided the law firm with an auditable report that verified the data erasure. Partnering with Liquid Technology helped the law firm retrieve a sizeable return on their initial investment.


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