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Data Destruction Certificate | Sanitization Report

Liquid Technology Provides a Data Destruction Certificate With Every Software Wipe

Many of today’s asset management companies offer their clients certificates of data destruction as proof of the quality of their services, but what many clients might not know is that the industry currently has no such certifying authority. Unbeknownst to these clients, the paper data destruction certificates that are provided by many of these companies are not considered irrefutable evidence that the proper data destruction methods were followed. In truth, only a digital data sanitation report offers the client the auditable proof they need to confirm complete compliance with the government’s guidelines on secure data destruction.

What is a Digital Certificate of Data Destruction?

A digital data destruction certificate is only produced once an intensive software data wiping process has been completed. The software automatically tracks and records the data destruction process where upon completion of the job it compiles the information in a PDF file for the client’s records.

The information contained on the certificate verifies that data sanitization is performed to meet or exceed NIST 800-88 and the Department of Defense 5220-22-M standard. The certificate should include:

  • Report ID
  • Client name
  • Brand and model of equipment being used
  • Equipment serial number
  • RAM
  • HDD Size
  • Model and serial numbers for the HDDs
  • Disk sanitizing method
  • Number of passes performed
  • Number of bad sectors

Unlike a paper printout of the data destruction results, a digital certificate of data destruction is backed by the legal documents behind the data destruction contract and therefore it is completely auditable.


Which Data Destruction Processes Produce a Certificate?

A digital data destruction certificate is only produced when the data is destroyed using accountable disk wiping software. While a highly reputable method of data destruction, physical destruction of hard drives via either degaussing or shredding, does not produce an actual data destruction certificate for the client. In these situations, a reputable data destruction company will provide the client with a DVD video of their equipment being destroyed. These recordings will typically show each individual hard drive as it is being physically destroyed so the client will know that their equipment was rendered completely unusable.

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