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Corporate Relocation

IT Equipment Relocation

Developing a corporate relocation plan is a massive undertaking. When relocating offices, everything needs to be shifted, from employees to office furniture to IT equipment. Oftentimes, when planning an office relocation, an IT department may build out a new infrastructure that better fits the new office setup, rendering the company’s legacy system redundant. Consider Liquid Technology an integral part of your corporate relocation plan; we can help with your IT asset disposition during this time.

IT Asset Disposition for Office Relocation

To support a company’s corporate relocation, Liquid Technology takes steps to:

  • Quickly develop a logistical road map to remove IT equipment from the old office
  • Maximize the resale value of excess IT equipment
  • Safely and ethically recycle decommissioned equipment
  • Meet building and leasing deadlines for removing equipment from the office

Liquid Technology will promptly construct a plan to remove all IT equipment from the company’s original office and transport all of the excess IT equipment to our facility. We also ensure that end-of-life equipment is recycled safely, ethically, and in compliance with the e-Stewards and R2 guidelines, while serving as a broker to resell any used IT equipment that still holds value. Before any equipment is recycled or sold, we also conduct comprehensive data erasure from every device to protect company data.

A Successful Corporate Relocation

Liquid Technology’s corporate relocation services can help your company move out of old offices before any leases expire, while protecting your data and recovering as much of your initial investment from the sale of excess IT as possible. Contact Liquid Technology today to see how we can help you prepare for your office move.


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