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Corporate Relocation Client Scenario


A large media company planned to move from their midtown office to a new office in One World Trade Center. In the new office, the IT department was building out a new infrastructure, rendering their legacy system redundant. The media company had to remove everything from their office before the lease expired in a month. For the move, the IT Manager was primarily concerned about finding an IT asset disposition company who could:

  • Quickly develop a logistical road map to remove their IT equipment
  • Maximize the resale value of their excess IT equipment
  • Safely and ethically recycle their decommissioned equipment


After speaking with the IT Manager, Liquid Technology promptly constructed a plan to remove all IT equipment from the media company’s midtown office. Liquid Technology transported all of the excess IT equipment to their facility. They also made sure the end-of-life equipment was recycled safely, ethically, and in compliance with the e-Stewards and R2 guidelines. All of the used IT equipment that held value was resold.


Liquid Technology helped the media company move out of their old office before their lease expired. The media company recovered some of their initial investment from the sale of their excess IT.


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