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Technology Refresh

Technology Refresh Client Scenario


At the end of the school year, a private university collected student-issued laptops from the students that graduated. The university no longer had a use for the old laptops because freshmen receive brand new laptops. This issue left the university with over a thousand excess laptops. The university hoped to resell the old laptops and recover some value from their initial investment. Before reselling the laptops the students data needed to be erased.


The university’s IT Manager reached out to Liquid Technology for assistance in selling the laptops. Liquid Technology followed NIST and DOD 5220.22M standards to wipe the laptops, clearing all of the student’s data. Then a digital data destruction certificate was produced for the university as proof of data destruction. Liquid Technology then used its professional network to find the best resale value for the laptops.


By partnering with Liquid Technology, the university easily recovered value from their used laptops. Liquid Technology’s level of service and efficiency ensured the university that all the student’s information was completely wiped from the laptops.


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