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Acquisitions and Mergers Client Scenario


A large telecom company acquired a number of smaller businesses. The telecom company consolidated many of the businesses, leaving the company with excess IT equipment at multiple locations. The CIO wanted to sell the excess IT equipment to gain a return on their initial investment. Before he could sell the equipment he needed to wipe the hard drives. The CIO’s primary concerns for this project were:

  • Planning pick-ups from multiple locations
  • Effectively erasing data from a large amount of IT equipment
  • Gaining fair market value on the excess IT equipment


The CIO of the telecom company contacted Liquid Technology to handle the project. Liquid Technology coordinated all logistics and picked up the equipment from the various locations. After the pick-up, they erased the hard drives with a professional data wiping software. Liquid Technology then utilized their network to sell the IT equipment.


Liquid Technology helped the telecom company maximize their return on investment. The telecom company received top dollar for their used IT equipment. By removing the excess IT equipment, they increased workspace at their offices.


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