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Bankruptcy | Wind Down

Liquidation of a Business

Bankruptcy and Wind Down

When you are dealing with the liquidation of your company following bankruptcy or a wind down, you have a lot on your plate. Winding up a company with a large collection of IT assets can become complicated, particularly during a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, since you need to make sure to properly wipe all confidential data from your devices while juggling the logistics and legal issues. To make matters even more challenging, your company may even have a deadline for vacating the premises. It’s a lot to handle, but Liquid Technology can help. Executive officers contacted Liquid Technology for the following services:

Selling Company Assets Before a Liquidation

Liquid Technology provides firms with a quick and efficient approach to liquidating technology assets that would meet or exceed their needs and expectations. Our services during a company liquidation include:

  • Quick disposition of technology equipment
  • Complete asset liquidation management services
  • Thorough and compliant data destruction
  • Equipment liquidation and immediate payment

Upon review and approval of an asset management agreement by bankruptcy courts, Liquid Technology can perform a next-day removal of the decommissioned equipment from your premises, with prompt asset liquidation management services resulting in expedited delivery of funds. As part of our guaranteed service, all hard drives and recordable media undergo a comprehensive data wipe in accordance with D O D 5220.22M and NIST standards.

The Real Cost to Liquidate a Company

Our security destruction staff provides asset management documentation and data destruction records necessary for satisfying the bankruptcy court system. Just as importantly, we provide you with peace of mind that your IT assets will be properly liquidated and wiped – a valuable asset during the stressful time of a company wind down. Let us relieve you of the burden of managing these challenging tasks during this difficult time, so you can focus on handling the business’ financial and personnel matters. Contact Liquid Technology to liquidate your company’s IT assets today.


Looking for an e-Waste Recycler?

As one of the industry’s leading IT asset disposition service providers, Liquid Technology provides a suite of effective impartial solutions. Discover what to look for in a quality e-waste recycler.