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Hard Drive Crushing

State-of-the-Art Hard Drive Crushers

Liquid Technology offers a wide array of data destruction services to our clients, including implementing the use of hard drive crushing in lieu of degaussing, disk wiping or disk shredding. Destroying hard drives with a hard disk crusher provides a fast, inexpensive and reliable means of rendering a disk unreadable and completely unusable for clients with less-stringent security concerns.

How Does Hard Drive Crushing Work?

Rather than wiping data from a computer’s server, hard drive crushing destroys data at the physical hard drive level.  Liquid Technology’s industrial hard drive crusher breaks the platter of each hard drive, making it virtually impossible to recover data.

Uses for Hard Drive Crushers

Not every client has strict security concerns. Sometimes they just need a cost-effective means of destroying less-than-sensitive data and the hardware that contains it. Hard drive crushing provides a fast, inexpensive means of accomplishing that goal.

Destroying hard drives using a hard disk crusher can also be implemented as part of a larger data destruction strategy. If there is a time-gap between pick-up of the equipment and the actual physical destruction of it, a hard drive crusher can be used on-site as a security tactic to render the drives inoperable in the meantime. This process safeguards the company and adds an extra layer of security and protection.

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