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Data Center Relocation

Data Center Relocation Client Scenario


A financial asset management firm consolidated five regional data centers down to two primary locations. The company did not have the resources necessary to inventory the equipment and needed all the excess technology removed from the premises of each facility before the lease expired. The financial firm’s primary concerns included:

  • Secure destruction of all data in accordance with government and industry regulations
  • Selling salvageable equipment for a suitable return on their investment
  • Environmentally responsible recycling of any decommissioned equipment


Liquid Technology proposed a customized IT asset management plan that included a fast and fair equipment evaluation and resale plan. The plan also detailed the complete logistical management and asset recovery brokerage negotiation. An organized de-installation schedule would be customized to meet the financial asset management’s needs. All recorded data would be wiped on-site in accordance with DOD 5220.22M and NIST standards. All end-of-life equipment would the disposed of according to e-Stewards and R2 guidelines.


Liquid Technology was able to broker the equipment, that resulted in a very successful return for the financial asset management firm. Every logistical aspect of the data center relocation was handled by Liquid Technology’s professionals, thereby allowing the financial firm to focus on the operations of its two primary locations.


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