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Obsolete Equipment after a Hardware Upgrade

Upgrading Hardware Generates Obsolete Equipment

Updating your company’s software and computer equipment is an exciting project, one that will hopefully result in increased productivity and help your team reach their business goals. However, a computer hardware upgrade naturally renders legacy systems obsolete. Even upgrading the memory in your computer system creates excess IT equipment – and it all still holds valuable data. Legacy systems take up storage space and may no longer have resale value by the time you upgrade your computers. You clearly need to make space by getting rid of your obsolete IT assets, but before parting ways with your old equipment, you need assurance that the stored data won’t end up in someone else’s hands. That’s where Liquid Technology comes in. We can guarantee secure data destruction and take the legacy IT equipment off your hands.

Destroying Data after a Computer Upgrade

As a top computer disposal firm, Liquid Technology can help securely erase your company’s data from legacy systems while removing your old IT equipment after a hardware upgrade. Through our services, Liquid Technology:
  • Meets or exceeds NIST and DoD standards for destroying data on legacy systems,
  • Meets many industry-specific privacy standards, such as HIPAA
  • Recycles all equipment responsibly and in accordance with e-Stewards certifications
Our e-Stewards certification means that Liquid Technology securely and responsibly handles IT equipment following a hardware or memory upgrade. Before recycling your IT equipment, Liquid Technology destroys data through a process of either shredding or crushing the hard drives. With Liquid Technology, your legacy system will be recycled according to e-Stewards and R2 standards every time.

Reducing Stress When Upgrading Your Hardware

We can help reduce liability and reduce your stress by providing a video of the shredding process for your old hardware as well as a certificate of data destruction to prove compliance. Learn more about our computer disposal and data shredding services, and contact Liquid Technology today to get started.


Looking for an e-Waste Recycler?

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