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Obsolete Equipment | Computer Technology Disposal Services

Obsolete Equipment Client Scenario


A hospital updated their software and computer equipment, which rendered their legacy system obsolete. The legacy system was taking up storage space and no longer had resale value. The hospital also needed to securely destroy the data stored on the equipment. The hospital’s IT Facilities Manager needed to find a vendor who could:

  • Meet HIPPA standards and securely destroy all the data on the legacy system
  • Recycle all the equipment responsibly


The hospital’s IT Facilities Manager decided to work with Liquid Technology because they had an e-Stewards certification. The e-Stewards certification meant Liquid Technology would securely and  responsibly handle their IT equipment. Before recycling the equipment, Liquid Technology shredded the hard drives and media storage tapes. The legacy system was then recycled according to e-Stewards and R2 standards.


Liquid Technology provided the hospital’s IT Facilities Manager with a video of the shredding process and a certificate of destruction. The hospital then had a record to prove recycling was HIPPA compliant.


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