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Globally, e-waste is steadily growing. The growth is partially due to the fast pace of innovation. As technology changes, companies must adapt to stay competitive and safeguard their networks. For example, Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 earlier this year, pushing many IT professionals also to update their infrastructure. These refreshes leave organizations with excess equipment that they need to discard. According to the Global E-waste Monitor 2017 report, e-waste will grow to 52.2 metric tons by 2021. The report was a collaborative effort by United Nations University, the International […]

In honor of World Backup Day, we designed an infographic to illustrate the importance of backing up your data. The international holiday was established in 2011 with the goal of reminding people how important it is to back up their data regularly.

Each year, we survey our clients to learn more about the subjects that are impacting the IT industry. The survey touches a variety of topics including operating systems, IT spend, and hardware. This year, 41 IT professionals completed the survey. Below are the results of our 2020 annual survey. Which operating system does your company use? If you use Windows, will you be upgrading your OS in 2020? When you do upgrade will you also change your hardware? If so, which hardware will you be refreshing? Do you expect to […]

Recently, a cyber-security firm G-Data discovered they purchased a laptop that housed German military secrets. Germany’s defense ministry is still unsure how the laptop ended up on the auction website. A discovery like this in the wrong hands could put Germany’s safety at risk.

The highly contagious Coronavirus is impacting more than people’s health; it’s impacting businesses. Officials have identified Wuhan, a province in China, as the epicenter of the virus. So far, the Chinese government has tried to contain the spread of the virus by quarantining residents in the Wuhan region. These measures have not been effective. Now the tech industry, unfortunately, is being affected by the disease. Distribution May Suffer Alibaba, Xiaomi, and Huawei are just of the few tech companies based in China. The country also produces components for other popular […]