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In healthcare security is extremely important. In our latest, inforgraphic we share the numbers behind the top healthcare cybersecurity threats.

Our world as we know it runs on data. It is practically the lifeblood of our day to day lives, with businesses and devices creating, collecting, analyzing and storing copious amounts of data every day. In fact, Statista reports that by 2025, 163 zetabytes of data will have been created globally. It is true that this information empowers us, enabling operations to be optimized and decisions to be made based on critical facts and statistics, but with so much data creation and storage, it can become a double-edged sword. As high volumes […]

For most industries a data breach can be costly, but for healthcare data breaches can be deadly. Data breaches in the healthcare industry can put patient’s data and records at risk. In 2018, many health organizations fell victim to data breaches. In this article, we will list four of the largest health care related data breaches of 2018. AccuDoc Solutions, a billing vendor, was attacked in September. The breach exposed the data of 2.65 million patients. The information was retained from the patient’s payment information at Altrium Health locations. The […]

In our latest infographic, we share the benefits and challenges of both Hybrid WAN and SD-WAN. Learn more about both networks in our new infographic.

Moore’s Law derived from Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel. Moore predicted that about every two years chip improvements would double a processors performance. Over time the theory has become an innovation standard for computer manufacturers. Yet now the rate of chip innovation is slowing down. “Moore’s Law used to grow at 10x every five years, 100x every 10 years,” said Jensen Huang, CEO and Co-founder of Nvidia, during a Q&A panel at CES 2019. “Right now, Moore’s Law is growing a few percent every year” Huang explained. Although Huang […]