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4 Ways the Cloud Can Help Your Business Is your company afraid of the public cloud? Well, industry insiders are saying the public cloud is the future. Various companies have already bought into the idea of the public cloud including, SunGard Financial Systems, PricewaterhouseCoopers, HTC, JDA Software, and Netflix. Earlier this year, Urs Hölzle, Google Technical Fellow, predicted the Google Cloud platform could surpass its advertising business in five years. That says a lot because last year Google generated  $65 billion in advertising revenue. Hölzle may not be too far […]

When a business undergoes a data center relocation, its CTO and IT team will usually take that time to examine the business’s technological needs to make sure that they are being met and make the necessary upgrades. This can often result in certain pieces of equipment being replaced and/or removed from the infrastructure. Unfortunately for some companies, however; a data center migration can turn into a logistical nightmare because suddenly they have an excess of equipment that’s no longer being used and they have no idea what to do with […]