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The Importance of Data Destruction Data destruction services play an important role in helping to protect against sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. But unfortunately, it is not practiced by a large percentage of the population. This fact has recently been re-confirmed by a major global data study conducted by the Blancco Technology Group and Kroll Ontrack. According to the study, 48% of the used drives purchased from major online resellers like Amazon, eBay, and Gazelle still contain residual data from their previous owners. Second-hand mobile devices included in […]

Ashley Madison, Hillary Clinton, and Secure Data Destruction It’s been a tough year thus far for Hillary Clinton and the Internet dating site Ashley Madison. While these two names would most likely never be uttered together in the same sentence under normal circumstances, they both have experienced similar woes this year in the form of lackluster data management. Hillary Clinton and the Case of the Deleted Emails In the case of Hillary Clinton, her legitimacy as a trustworthy presidential candidate was put into question this year when it was revealed […]

October is perhaps most commonly known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but did you know that it also has another distinction? It’s true. October is also National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) and this year marked the 11th anniversary of this important month-long recognition of Internet security. If this is the first you have heard about National Cyber Security Awareness Month, then here is everything you need to know about it. Why Was National Cyber Security Awareness Month Created? NCSAM was created as a collaborative effort between the U.S. Department […]

If you’re like most people, you probably give your home a thorough spring cleaning once the weather is warm enough to open the windows. But, what about your office? By making office spring cleaning an annual event, you’ll enjoy a cleaner and more organized workplace. After all, you spend more time at work than you do at home, so keeping your office clean is important for a number of different reasons. Of course, office spring cleaning means more than just wiping down the walls and dusting off the lamps. Here, […]

In order to remain relevant and competitive in today’s ever-changing marketplace, a company needs to keep itself at the forefront of technology. As a result, many companies replace older equipment with newer technology as it becomes available. The most effective way a company can recoup some of the expense that’s earmarked for technology refreshment is to utilize IT asset recovery services from a reputable provider. IT asset disposition and recovery should be an important component in a company’s budget strategy. With this service, your business can recover a sizable portion […]