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secure data destruction

Ashley Madison, Hillary Clinton, and Secure Data Destruction It’s been a tough year thus far for Hillary Clinton and the Internet dating site Ashley Madison. While these two names would most likely never be uttered together in the same sentence under normal circumstances, they both have experienced similar woes this year in the form of lackluster data management. Hillary Clinton and the Case of the Deleted Emails In the case of Hillary Clinton, her legitimacy as a trustworthy presidential candidate was put into question this year when it was revealed […]

Gone are the days when business travelers sat in airports or in hotel lobbies with laptops burning a hole through their laps. Today, it’s all about tablets. Whether you lean towards Android or you are an Apple devotee, today’s tablets are powerful, lightweight, and easily portable, making them essential IT hardware for most corporations. But, what most companies don’t realize is that these devices are essentially computers and just like their corporate servers and desktops, tablets can contain highly sensitive data that can leave the company at risk if secure […]