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Floor-to-Ceiling Office Spring Cleaning Tips

If you’re like most people, you probably give your home a thorough spring cleaning once the weather is warm enough to open the windows. But, what about your office? By making office spring cleaning an annual event, you’ll enjoy a cleaner and more organized workplace. After all, you spend more time at work than you do at home, so keeping your office clean is important for a number of different reasons.

Of course, office spring cleaning means more than just wiping down the walls and dusting off the lamps. Here, we share some tips to help make your office neat, tidy, and organized on all levels.

Before You Begin: Re-Evaluate Your Business

The most important thing about spring clean-up is getting rid of waste. But, waste comes in all forms in a modern business. It not only includes the empty potato chip bags tucked behind the monitor, but in some cases, it may even include the monitor itself and even the files saved on the hard drive.

If your business has recently undergone a shift in size or operations, then it may have an excess of IT or office equipment that it is no longer using. Re-evaluating your business will help you determine exactly what your company needs to run at an optimal level. Many types of excess equipment can be liquidated, which will effectively free up office space while streamlining your business and even granting your company a return on its investment in some cases. Therefore, before you break out the dust rags and glass cleaner, the first step of your spring cleaning should involve the following:

  • Liquidation of old computer equipment
  • Data destruction
  • E-waste recycling and equipment disposal

Organize Your Files

Every office is inundated with paperwork and all-too-often, a large percentage of it is no longer relevant to the actual running of the business. Spring is the ideal time to go through all of your files so you can organize your documents. Shred any physical documents that are no longer important using a paper shredder.

This also applies to the files on your computer systems. Go through your electronic documents and delete any that are no longer relevant and create a folder system to help organize the files you need to keep on your computer. De-frag your computer to help clean out the cobwebs on your hard drive. This will help consolidate your free space and help your computer run a little faster.

Break Out the Cleaning Supplies

Now that all of the heavy lifting is out of the way, you can break out the office cleaning supplies and get to work clearing out the physical cobwebs. Here’s a spring cleaning checklist:

  • Clean out the desk drawers
  • Dust and organize desk surfaces
  • Wipe down office furniture
  • Vacuum the carpeting (or sweep and mop hard flooring)
  • Wipe down the office equipment using cleaning wipes that are specially made for electronics
  • Clean glass surfaces using quality glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol
  • Empty all trash cans
  • Give the office bathrooms a thorough cleaning
  • Scrub down the office kitchen and clean out the microwave and refrigerator

The Importance of Spring Cleaning the Office

Office spring cleaning can have an incredible effect on how your employees feel and how your company works. A clean office promotes creativity, positivity, efficiency, and productivity. With the clutter removed, you and your staff will be able to breathe easier, figuratively and literally!

And, by including computer liquidation, data destruction, and e-waste recycling in your annual spring cleaning event, you’ll be cultivating a “greener” workspace while reducing your corporate risk, increasing overall security, and possibly even enjoying a return on your investment that could help facilitate future business growth.

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