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5 Things You Should Do To Prepare for IT Asset Recovery


In order to remain relevant and competitive in today’s ever-changing marketplace, a company needs to keep itself at the forefront of technology. As a result, many companies replace older equipment with newer technology as it becomes available. The most effective way a company can recoup some of the expense that’s earmarked for technology refreshment is to utilize IT asset recovery services from a reputable provider.

IT asset disposition and recovery should be an important component in a company’s budget strategy. With this service, your business can recover a sizable portion of the funds required for equipment upgrades. Of course, the size of your return is dependent upon a variety of factors, including makes, models, types, and age of equipment, as well as the equipment’s condition. In order to maximize your return, Liquid Technology’s IT asset recovery specialists recommend the following five steps to prepare for asset removal and recovery.

1. Keep the Equipment in Good Shape

Whenever equipment is swapped out for newer models, make sure your team knows how to handle the retired equipment in order to prevent damage. Equipment that is damaged will not carry the same demand on the secondary market and it will hurt your return. Before removal, have your dismantling team trained in the best practices for handling retired IT assets and then store the equipment in an environment where they will not be damaged or subjected to water, humidity, dust, or other harmful materials.

2. Keep the Systems Complete

Complete systems sell easier on the secondary market because a buyer can get everything they need in one simple transaction. This improves your odds of obtaining a quality return, so try to keep your IT systems intact. If your techs require equipment for spare parts, keep the components that show the most surface damage over more pristine pieces so you can get a higher return on the equipment.

3. Utilize Professional Data Sanitization

If your hard drives contain sensitive data, then choose professional data sanitization over any other form of data destruction. Hard drive sanitization is the only DOD-approved method of data destruction that leaves the hard drive re-usable. Degaussing and hard drive shredding physically destroy the disc, rendering it useless and ruining your chances of obtaining a return on the equipment.

4. Create a Detailed List of Your IT Assets

Creating an accurate and detailed list of the IT assets you are interested in selling does three important things:

  1. It keeps your assets organized
  2. It allows the IT asset recovery company you choose to provide you with a more accurate quote for service
  3. It helps maximize the amount of your return

5. Partner With a Reputable IT Asset Recovery Company

One of the best ways to recover the value of your IT assets is to build a working relationship with a proven and reputable IT asset disposition (ITAD) company. By forming this partnership, you can harness the experience and market knowledge of your provider to ensure you get the highest return possible for your equipment.

If you have excess computer and networking hardware and you are interested in recovering a portion of your investment through professional IT asset recovery, than call Liquid Technology today at 800-797-5478. We can help you design and implement an enterprise-wide IT asset disposition program and help you get a higher than average return for your used equipment.