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The Global E-Waste Trade is Deadly Recently in a Congressional briefing, Congressman Ted Poe addressed the need for setting up a more stringent e-Waste export policy. At the meeting, Tom Sharpe, Vice President at SMT Corporation, noted startlingly facts from a study that was created by the US Senate Armed Services Committee. The report exposed how the global e-Waste trade could be more harmful than you think. The study found 1,800 cases of counterfeit parts in military technology. The report identified that many of the parts came from China. The […]

What Are the Impacts of Irresponsible E-Waste Disposal? Every time you toss an old cell phone, laptop, iPod, or other electronic device into the trash, do you know where it ultimately ends up? These items end up in our landfills where the toxic metals and chemicals contained within them eventually leach into the soil as they degrade. While the toxic chemicals of just one cell phone might not seem like a lot, consider the environmental impact when more than 100 million cell phones are dumped, such as what happens in […]

With its fresh, clean air and rising temperatures, spring is the ideal time to open up the windows and give the home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom, hence the term “spring cleaning.” But, the home isn’t the only place that needs an annual clean-up. Spring also makes for the perfect time to spruce up and streamline the office. And, for many companies, this means getting rid of inventories of old, outdated IT. If your office is undergoing an IT spring cleaning, then you need to ensure that you’re […]

Ever since the new laws and regulations for e-waste disposal were initiated, there has been little in the news concerning perpetrators of those laws. But in November, that all changed as AT&T became the first major business to face stiff penalties as a result of the company’s illegal disposal of hazardous e-waste materials. After a nine-year investigation, the telecommunications giant had to pay out $52 million to the state of California. According to records, AT&T manages 235 warehouses and dispatch facilities throughout California. The investigation uncovered unlawful disposal of e-waste […]