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This year, we conducted our third annual client survey. Our team surveyed 41 clients about corporate ITAD. We asked questions about IT infrastructure, cloud services, hardware and more. In our infographic, we highlight some of our key findings.

Each year, we survey our clients to learn more about the trends that are impacting the IT industry. The survey touches a variety of topics including cloud, IT spend, technology, and hardware. This year, we surveyed 41 clients. Below are the results of our annual survey. How much of your current infrastructure is in the cloud? What are you’re plans for the cloud in 2019? Long term where do you see your organization? What do you see as the greatest benefit of the cloud? What is your greatest concern about […]

More and more organizations are migrating to the cloud. Many companies use a multi-cloud strategy to mix and match services that best fit their needs. In our latest infographic, we share insights into the reasons organizations are using a multi-cloud strategy.

Recently, Eclypsium, a security firm published an experiment about a large tech company’s cloud services. The company they tested was the tech giant, IBM. The security firm rented an IBM server and then altered the company’s firmware. They hid the changes even after the renting period was over. This exercise demonstrated a possible issue with IBM’s services. Eclypsium believes this can allow hackers to plant malware. If hackers have access to your data they can change it, steal it or even destroy it. Since the experiment, IBM has changed some […]

Virtualization is rapidly changing; this is partially due to more organizations moving to the cloud. In our latest infographic, we share some of the growing trends in the visualization space.