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Three Steps for Managing Tech Devices Post Pandemic

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During this time, many employees have transitioned from working at a corporate location to working from home. These new circumstances forced organizations to quickly put a strategy in place for workers to have the essential technology. In these circumstances, companies had to pay the cost to purchase new assets, then setup licenses, contracts, and other necessary environments. But with nationwide reopening on the horizon, organizations must consider what they will do with these devices once they return to the office. Mapping out an approach is needed to migrate the security risk, cut redundancy, and possibly gain capital. Organizations can take three steps now to prepare:

1.Identify New Assets

Developing a detailed list of all of your organization’s new assets is essential. A list will make it easier to track items when you do reenter your workspace. Also, it can provide a better view of your inventory as a whole. Comparing the new assets to your on-premise equipment will help you identify which items are redundant.

2.Establish Guidelines

While working from home, employees may face various obstacles. Depending on their situation, they may need to work from other locations. Bringing hardware outside of their home, using it on a public network, or possibly having a third party use the device elevates security risk. Companies should preemptively put a policy in place. Inform staff about these guidelines and expectations. The guidelines will help employees better safeguard their devices.

3.Plan for Excess IT

When employees return to the office, they may no longer need these devices. Then an organization will be left with excess IT equipment that can take up space. These assets should not be sitting in storage because they can also hold value. Consider partnering with a certified IT asset disposition company. The right vendor will make the process seamless.

Transitioning back into a post-pandemic office environment will create new challenges for IT departments. Liquid Technology can help. We provide best-in-class IT asset disposition services. Our team can handle all the logistics and help you receive a return on your investment. Complete the form and provide an inventory list to get a free quote.