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it equipment recycling

Globally, e-waste is steadily growing. The growth is partially due to the fast pace of innovation. As technology changes, companies must adapt to stay competitive and safeguard their networks. For example, Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 earlier this year, pushing many IT professionals also to update their infrastructure. These refreshes leave organizations with excess equipment that they need to discard. According to the Global E-waste Monitor 2017 report, e-waste will grow to 52.2 metric tons by 2021. The report was a collaborative effort by United Nations University, the International […]

Liquid Technology was recently contacted by an online-based grocery store in New York that was facing a serious problem. The company had been in operation for several years and although its infrastructure had gone through several upgrades, the company had never undergone IT disposition with computer equipment recycling and disposal. This led to the company having multiple storage rooms spread out across several different locations that were filled to the brink with obsolete IT equipment. The collection was largely unorganized and the company’s executives had no idea what this massive […]