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Computer Equipment Recycling Needed on Aisle One


Liquid Technology was recently contacted by an online-based grocery store in New York that was facing a serious problem. The company had been in operation for several years and although its infrastructure had gone through several upgrades, the company had never undergone IT disposition with computer equipment recycling and disposal. This led to the company having multiple storage rooms spread out across several different locations that were filled to the brink with obsolete IT equipment. The collection was largely unorganized and the company’s executives had no idea what this massive inventory of equipment consisted of.

Further complicating the logistics of the situation was the fact that a good portion of the equipment was stored on the second floor of a building with no elevator. And, the company’s security policy required that any and all data destruction processes must be performed on the equipment prior to recycling and disposal.

Liquid Technology’s IT Equipment Recycling Delivered the Goods

Liquid Technology sent a team of experts to the company’s headquarters to diagnose the problem and provide the company with a set of recommendations. A full inventory of the equipment was taken and removal of the equipment commenced at each storage location. Best-in-class data destruction services were then performed in accordance with the company’s security policy and current DOD guidelines.

Liquid Technology transported the equipment to our headquarters in Brooklyn, NY where the components were manually dismantled and recycled in accordance with current EPA guidelines for e-waste recycling and disposal. Once the data destruction process was completed, the company was issued a complete and auditable report of the process.

If your business requires professional, auditable, and secure destruction of sensitive data and EPA-approved computer equipment recycling and e-waste disposal services, contact Liquid Technology today at 800-797-5478. We can even perform data destruction on-site, so if your business has certain mandates or policies in place, like the above client, Liquid Technology has the solutions you’re looking for.