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What Percentage of Offices Plan to Downsize in 2021?

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In 2020, KPMG, the multinational accounting firm, released results from its annual Global CEO Outlook report. At first, the firm surveyed 1,300 CEOs. Yet after the lockdown, KPMG surveyed 315 additional CEOs to collect more data. The report revealed that 80% of business leaders had accelerated their digital expansion plans during the lockdown as they adjusted to the remote workforce and increased e-commerce spending. Blancco’s The Rising Tide of E-Waste: How Environmental Concerns and Shifting Work Patterns are Shaping Device Management Practices report shared similar results. Blancco’s report illustrated that, due to Covid, over 70% of executives surveyed spent unnecessarily on short-term technology investments.

The pandemic changed more than corporate technology spending. The KPMG report highlighted that Covid also shifted the needs around corporate real estate. According to the document, 69% of organizations planned to cut their office space in the short term. Yet, with rapidly changing regulations, organizations can be left unprepared for such tasks.

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