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Earlier this year, Bitcoin’s value raised to $60,000. Although mining bitcoin can be highly profitable, powering the operations comes at a high cost. The Digiconomist’s Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index estimated that one Bitcoin transaction takes 1,544 kWh to complete, or the equivalent of approximately 53 days of power for the average US household. In many countries, people stole electricity to power the mining rigs. One instance of this happened recently in Malaysian. According to multiple outlets including the BBC and cNBC, Malaysian authorities seized and destroyed 1,069 bitcoin mining rigs […]

Semiconductors are small components, but they help power the brains of much of our everyday technology, from mobile phones to cars. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and recent tariffs, there is a semiconductor shortage. Major electronic brands like LG and Samsung have been open about the impact on electronic manufacturing. Samsung’s head of investor relations, Ben Suh, said “Due to the global semiconductor shortage, we are also experiencing some effects especially around certain set products and display production.” The automotive industry was one of the industries greatly affected by the […]

This year, we conducted our fifth annual client survey. Our team surveyed clients to learn more about corporate ITAD industry trends. The survey included questions about the pandemic and how it impacted the corporate IT industry. This year, 59 of our clients completed the survey. The infographic below highlights our key findings.

According to the United Nations’ Global E-Waste report, in 2019, we globally generated 53.6 metric tonnes (Mt) of e-waste. The UN estimates we will reach 74 Mt by 2030. Annually, tons of e-waste is improperly recycled. Often this e-waste is illegally exported and sent to developing nations. These acts negatively impact countries causing environmental pollution and long-term health issues for residents. Is your e-waste contributing to the problem? Here are three factors to look for to ensure your e-waste is properly recycled. INEFFICIENT DATA DESTRUCTION Before recycling or repurposing, computers, […]

In 2020, KPMG, the multinational accounting firm, released results from its annual Global CEO Outlook report. At first, the firm surveyed 1,300 CEOs. Yet after the lockdown, KPMG surveyed 315 additional CEOs to collect more data. The report revealed that 80% of business leaders had accelerated their digital expansion plans during the lockdown as they adjusted to the remote workforce and increased e-commerce spending. Blancco’s The Rising Tide of E-Waste: How Environmental Concerns and Shifting Work Patterns are Shaping Device Management Practices report shared similar results. Blancco’s report illustrated that, due to Covid, […]