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Every year around Earth Day the topic of conversation tends to focus on the ways businesses can save energy, reduce consumption, and help the environment. While eco-friendliness should actually be a year-round concern, Earth Day does offer the perfect starting point for going green at work for those companies that have yet to adopt greener operational strategies. And contrary to common belief, making the change doesn’t have to be a costly or time-consuming venture. One Simple Change Can Have a Big Impact If you’re looking for ways to go green […]

All good things must come to an end. While Windows XP might not be viewed in retrospect as being a particularly “good” operating system, there is no mistaking its dominance in the market. After all, Microsoft’s XP operating system was released twelve years ago and it remains one of the most widely used systems today. In terms of OS lifecycles, that length of time is unheard of; making Windows XP the granddad of operating systems. But, that’s all due to change on April 8th as that date is officially when […]

Just a few years ago, it was believed that it was impossible to secure erase SSD drives thanks to the technology’s Flash Translation Layer, a unique firmware interface that makes an SSD drive appear to a PC like a FAT device. Coupled with the fact that different SSD manufacturers use different technologies, this made it virtually impossible for one data erasure standard to successfully support them all. And with SSD drives estimated to account for 40% of the hard drive market by the year 2016, the inability to securely erase […]

A data center decommissioning is one of the largest undertakings a cloud-based service provider has to deal with because these types of companies rely on massive quantities of servers, storage arrays, and other enterprise-grade networking equipment to operate. When a data center is shut down, the company is usually left with an excessive inventory of equipment that is no longer active in the company’s infrastructure and this can be cost-restrictive. Recently, a top-rated cloud software company faced such a dilemma after determining that their company would be better positioned if […]

IBM recently announced that it intends to invest over $1.2 billion on as many as 15 new data centers around the world as part of a global cloud migration strategy to expand its cloud services. That news, coupled with the fact that Amazon’s cloud services are growing at unprecedented rates, signals a shift in how businesses are working these days. Without a doubt, cloud-based data centers are quickly catching on with today’s businesses, but making the change isn’t without its own unique set of challenges. If you are considering migrating […]