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Gone are the days when business travelers sat in airports or in hotel lobbies with laptops burning a hole through their laps. Today, it’s all about tablets. Whether you lean towards Android or you are an Apple devotee, today’s tablets are powerful, lightweight, and easily portable, making them essential IT hardware for most corporations. But, what most companies don’t realize is that these devices are essentially computers and just like their corporate servers and desktops, tablets can contain highly sensitive data that can leave the company at risk if secure […]

For many businesses, communication is an essential part of the day-to-day operations. Whether it is taking customer service calls or receiving product orders, a company needs to have high-quality telephone and networking equipment if it wants to compete in today’s market. As a result, many such companies update their phone systems on a regular basis. But, every time an upgrade occurs, the business is left with a surplus of used phone equipment that it no longer has a need for. Thankfully, there is a solution – businesses can sell used […]

Liquid Technology was recently contacted by an online-based grocery store in New York that was facing a serious problem. The company had been in operation for several years and although its infrastructure had gone through several upgrades, the company had never undergone IT disposition with computer equipment recycling and disposal. This led to the company having multiple storage rooms spread out across several different locations that were filled to the brink with obsolete IT equipment. The collection was largely unorganized and the company’s executives had no idea what this massive […]

Data security needs to be a priority for every company because failing to protect the personal information of your customers or clients can have a disastrous, wide-spreading impact. From virtual attacks by hackers to data theft via hard drives that weren’t sanitized, data breaches can occur at any time and through a wide range of methods. If you don’t think your company needs to follow data security best practices, then you’re putting your company and your investment at serious risk. The following represent just a fraction of the breaches in […]

In order to remain relevant and competitive in today’s ever-changing marketplace, a company needs to keep itself at the forefront of technology. As a result, many companies replace older equipment with newer technology as it becomes available. The most effective way a company can recoup some of the expense that’s earmarked for technology refreshment is to utilize IT asset recovery services from a reputable provider. IT asset disposition and recovery should be an important component in a company’s budget strategy. With this service, your business can recover a sizable portion […]