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Data security needs to be a priority for every company because failing to protect the personal information of your customers or clients can have a disastrous, wide-spreading impact. From virtual attacks by hackers to data theft via hard drives that weren’t sanitized, data breaches can occur at any time and through a wide range of methods. If you don’t think your company needs to follow data security best practices, then you’re putting your company and your investment at serious risk. The following represent just a fraction of the breaches in […]

In order to remain relevant and competitive in today’s ever-changing marketplace, a company needs to keep itself at the forefront of technology. As a result, many companies replace older equipment with newer technology as it becomes available. The most effective way a company can recoup some of the expense that’s earmarked for technology refreshment is to utilize IT asset recovery services from a reputable provider. IT asset disposition and recovery should be an important component in a company’s budget strategy. With this service, your business can recover a sizable portion […]

Hard drives are built to withstand a lot of use, but eventually, they will all have to be retired, replaced, and/or disposed of. However, regardless of whether the used hard drives are due to an equipment upgrade, a computer liquidation, or an entire infrastructure reconfiguration, the fact remains – the sensitive information contained on the drives can be accessed and used for illegitimate purposes if the hard drive disposal is not handled properly and the data is not destroyed in a safe and secure manner. Unfortunately, many companies do not […]

In a recent investigation led by E-Scrap News, investigators uncovered details surrounding several CRT recycling agencies across a number of different states that abandoned operations after charging suppliers. This resulted in the discovery of a number of warehouses in which more than 10,000 tons of CRTs and CRT glass were left behind. This discovery has state officials facing a myriad of environmental and equipment managerial problems. One of the most significant, and ecologically dangerous, collections of CRT monitors is due to the closure of Luminous Recycling, a CRT monitor recycling […]

If your business deals in any way with sensitive information, be it customer credit card data, medical records, or any other type of private information, then you need to ensure your data is being destroyed in accordance with DOD data erasure guidelines or you may be unnecessarily increasing your company’s liability risk. Due to the complex and time-consuming nature of thorough data erasure and the risks involved with doing it incorrectly, many businesses choose to outsource this task to experienced data destruction vendors. If you’re unsure of whether or not […]