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10 Facts About E-Waste Recycling


Gradually, the world is becoming more and more enlightened about the importance of e-waste recycling. But, despite this revolutionary growth, many CTOs and IT department heads are still unaware of a lot of facts regarding the issue.

As we learn more about the e-waste issue, our hope is to reverse the trends so industries worldwide can practice more responsible methods of e-waste disposal. And, with the New Year closing in, now is the perfect time to pass along some of the hidden facts about today’s e-waste problems.

#1 – E-Waste Recycling Saves Energy

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling 1 million laptops can save the energy equivalent to the electricity used by more than 3,600 U.S. homes over the course of an entire year.

#2 – Recycling E-Waste Reduces Emissions

When desktop computers wind up in landfills, they ultimately release greenhouse gasses that can hurt the environment. But, by recycling 1 million desktop computers, the release of greenhouse gases equivalent to the annual emissions of 16,000 passenger cars can be prevented.

#3 – More Energy is Used in Creating a Computer Than in Using It

Believe it or not, 81% of the energy used by a computer over the course of its lifespan is used in the creation of the device, not in the actual usage of it. Simply reusing still-operational computers can help reduce this energy waste.

#4 – Incinerating E-Waste Forces Toxic Chemicals Into the Air

When computers and other electronic devices enter our landfills, they eventually find their way into industrial incinerators. Unfortunately, when these devices are incinerated, they release highly toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. And, between 80% and 85% of all discarded electronics get incinerated every year.

#5 – E-Waste Accounts for More Than 70% of All Toxic Waste

Even though e-waste accounts for only 2% of the trash in our nation’s landfills, it is responsible for more than 70% of the toxic waste. By recycling these devices responsibly, that toxic waste can be kept out of the landfills and out of the environment.

#6 – More Than $60 Million in Gold and Silver are Thrown Out Every Year

Today’s smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices have certain components that are made out of gold and/or silver. Every year, more than $60 million in gold and silver finds its way to the landfills just from Americans tossing out their old devices. In fact, simply by recycling 1 million cell phones, 35,274 lbs. of copper, 772 lbs. of silver, 75 lbs. of gold, and 33 lbs. of palladium can be recovered.

#7 – Toxins From Un-Recycled Technology Can Cause Severe Health Problems

Electronics contain high levels of lead. When such equipment is thrown out in the trash, the lead can enter our waterways and should it be consumed, it can cause damage to the central and peripheral nervous systems, the blood, and the kidneys.

#8 – E-Waste Disposal Continues to Rise

According to the EPA, e-waste is the fastest growing municipal waste stream in the United States.

#9 – All Electronics Pose Hazards to the Environment

Although computers and laptops are among the most common devices targeted when talking about e-waste problems, the truth is that all electronics pose hazards if they aren’t disposed of properly. This includes televisions, DVD players, portable music players, telephony systems, monitors, and more.

#10 – A Large Percentage of E-Waste Isn’t E-Waste at All

Much of what is thrown out these days isn’t even e-waste at all. Many pieces of technology are still operational and therefore, completely marketable for re-use.

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