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If your business deals in any way with sensitive information, be it customer credit card data, medical records, or any other type of private information, then you need to ensure your data is being destroyed in accordance with DOD data erasure guidelines or you may be unnecessarily increasing your company’s liability risk. Due to the complex and time-consuming nature of thorough data erasure and the risks involved with doing it incorrectly, many businesses choose to outsource this task to experienced data destruction vendors. If you’re unsure of whether or not […]

Have you ever wondered what sets Liquid Technology apart from other computer liquidation and data destruction firms? If so, we’re releasing seven new IT asset management services videos designed to help give you a better idea of what it is we do. At Liquid Technology, we’re serious about data security and customer satisfaction, so we strive to offer the latest generation of data destruction, e-waste recycling and disposal, and other IT asset management services. Watch the following videos to get an in-depth look into the services we offer, the quality […]

Data destruction methods range from degaussing to physical disc shredding to wiping a hard drive using specially designed software. All three are effective at what they are designed to do, but only one method provides truly auditable proof of the data’s destruction – data wiping. If your company stores very sensitive data for business purposes, then it needs to have a system of protecting that data. This becomes increasingly more important should the company be liquidating its older computers and recordable media. The data needs to be rendered irretrievable and […]

ITAD Checklist for Stronger IT Asset Management Proper management of retired or decommissioned IT assets is an integral part of a strong IT management strategy, but unfortunately, this task often falls by the wayside due to the sheer number of daily job responsibilities already on the shoulders of most CTOs. In this regard, having an IT asset disposition checklist will help CTOs be able to identify a professional partner to handle the management of their unused IT assets. Benefits of Using an IT Asset Management Company Choosing a reputable and […]

When it comes to liquidating decommissioned IT equipment, a CTO usually has a number of options to choose from for handling the equipment. Two of the most popular options are IT brokerage and a complete buyout of the inventory. While these two liquidation services do share some similarities, they each offer different solutions to the same problem. The Difference Between Buyout and Brokerage When a complete liquidation buyout is chosen, the client is choosing to be paid one lump sum upfront for their entire inventory.  When IT brokerage services are […]