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exporting e-waste

The Global E-Waste Trade is Deadly Recently in a Congressional briefing, Congressman Ted Poe addressed the need for setting up a more stringent e-Waste export policy. At the meeting, Tom Sharpe, Vice President at SMT Corporation, noted startlingly facts from a study that was created by the US Senate Armed Services Committee. The report exposed how the global e-Waste trade could be more harmful than you think. The study found 1,800 cases of counterfeit parts in military technology. The report identified that many of the parts came from China. The […]

Top 3 E-Waste Recycling Fails of 2015 This year, e-waste recycling made great strides in being recognized as one of the most important things big businesses can do to help control operational costs, mitigate risk, and help protect the environment. But, while so many ethical companies embraced proper e-waste disposal and earned e-Stewards certification in 2015, many still chose to practice illegal techniques for getting rid of unwanted electronics. Unfortunately for some, they found themselves making front-page headlines. Here are the top three e-waste recycling fails of 2015. #1: Michigan […]

Due diligence is a term that’s commonly used in the business world. And, when it comes to finding an e-waste recycler for your company’s IT overflow, due diligence is exactly what you need to do to ensure that the company you’re handing your hardware over to does exactly what they claim to do. The reason is because e-waste recycling is a hot topic and as one might expect, there are companies out there trying to cash in on it without actually recycling anything. Fake e-waste recycling not only hurts your […]