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It’s another day in America and that means that another 130,000 computers will be discarded in today’s trash. 130,000 computers might sound like an exaggerated number, but that really is how many computers get trashed on the average day in the United States. A lot of cell phones will also be tossed out today. In fact, over the course of a year, Americans throw out more than 100 million cell phones. Have you ever wondered where all of this e-waste goes and what impact is it having on our environment? […]

When you take a moment to really think about how much e-waste is being dumped into our landfills on a daily basis, it reiterates the importance of having a reduce, reuse, and recycle policy in place within your business. According to a study by the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, in 2010, Americans disposed of 384 million units of e-waste which included computers, monitors, mobile devices, televisions, hard copy devices, and more. Of that total, less than 74 million units were actually recycled properly for an overall recycling rate of just 19%. […]

When a business undergoes a data center relocation, its CTO and IT team will usually take that time to examine the business’s technological needs to make sure that they are being met and make the necessary upgrades. This can often result in certain pieces of equipment being replaced and/or removed from the infrastructure. Unfortunately for some companies, however; a data center migration can turn into a logistical nightmare because suddenly they have an excess of equipment that’s no longer being used and they have no idea what to do with […]

Four Unsafe Data Destruction Methods to Avoid Remember the fallout after the controversy surrounding the confidential police documents used as confetti during the 2012 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? As a rule, most businesses have at least somewhat of an understanding about the importance of keeping their data secure and safe from prying eyes, but mistakes such as this can happen when ineffective and unsafe data destruction methods are used. Whoever shredded those documents probably never imagined that they would end up scattered all over Central Park West. This same risk applies to […]