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When a business undergoes a data center relocation, its CTO and IT team will usually take that time to examine the business’s technological needs to make sure that they are being met and make the necessary upgrades. This can often result in certain pieces of equipment being replaced and/or removed from the infrastructure. Unfortunately for some companies, however; a data center migration can turn into a logistical nightmare because suddenly they have an excess of equipment that’s no longer being used and they have no idea what to do with […]

Four Unsafe Data Destruction Methods to Avoid Remember the fallout after the controversy surrounding the confidential police documents used as confetti during the 2012 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? As a rule, most businesses have at least somewhat of an understanding about the importance of keeping their data secure and safe from prying eyes, but mistakes such as this can happen when ineffective and unsafe data destruction methods are used. Whoever shredded those documents probably never imagined that they would end up scattered all over Central Park West. This same risk applies to […]

At Liquid Technology, we get asked the same question quite frequently, “What benefits will my business receive if I sell computer equipment that I no longer use?” The answer to this question is simple. By choosing to sell old IT equipment that is no longer an active part of your infrastructure, you can obtain a return on that investment that could help cover the cost of liquidation and in some cases, even result in a surplus of cash that can be put back into the business. While every business could […]

Maintaining data security is an ever-growing concern for today’s businesses, especially when the computer hardware in question is nearing its end-of-life (EOL) stage. Since EOL equipment is too old to be integrated into another part of the business and it carries no real value on the secondary market, having a strategy in place for managing the data and its safe disposal is the key to protecting your business and your clients. A good way to determine if your data security process offers the level of protection your business needs is […]

If your company uses computers, flash drives, external hard drives, magnetic tape, CDs or DVDs, or any other type of storage media, then you need to have a data destruction policy in place to ensure that the data contained on them is not accessible after the medium’s useful lifespan has passed. With identity theft and related cyber-crimes increasing on a daily basis, it is more important than ever to protect your company, your brand, and your customers by using the most effective data destruction methods available. Here are the top […]