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IT Value Recovery

Recoup the value of IT assets, while stringently adhering to evolving compliance demands

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Liquid Technology Provides

A suite of effective impartial solutions to help companies manage their excess technology by destroying data and mitigating the risk of recycling liability. We integrate our specialized knowledge and extensive certifications to recommend and execute a deliberate plan of action for your business.

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"We are absolutely focused on the best security, the highest level of service, and the fastest response times in our industry."

- Richard Greene, Managing Partner

"It's a matter of knowing the markets. This is what we do every day. Liquid Technology doesn't just want your Cisco or just your PCs we want to pay you for all the IT equipment you have available. I don't think there is any type of gear we haven't seen come through here. The ability to buy and sell all types of products is one of the reasons our sales team is able to drive the kind of success we've seen."

- Rob Ruehle, VP of Sales

"For data destruction all of our methods meet or exceed the standards of the DoD, PCI compliance, and all other government regulations. We provide a completely auditable report of every single drive by serial number, verifying complete data destruction. Our liability insurance guarantees that our clients are completely covered. That's security. That's peace of mind."

- Steve Sidwell, SVP of Technology & Compliance

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Looking for an e-Waste Recycler?

As one of the industry’s leading IT asset disposition service providers, Liquid Technology provides a suite of effective impartial solutions. Discover what to look for in a quality e-waste recycler.