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Liquid Technology Announces New Initiative to Advance Digital Equity

With a goal to raise a minimum of $500,000 over the next five years, the Pay it Forward Initiative will support nonprofit organizations dedicated to closing the digital divide

Whether it is the lack of access to high-speed internet due to affordability or availability, the absence of an adequate, dedicated device on which to do homework, or the disparities in education that leave many without the opportunity to learn technology skills for the new economy, students across the United States, particularly those in rural and low-income areas, are still teetering on the precipice of the digital divide.

Liquid Technology, a New York City based IT Asset Disposition firm, has been committed to addressing the issue through multi-year partnerships with several digital equity nonprofits. Through direct donations from the firm and its clients, the company has been committed to creating equity and, over the years, has worked with many clients to turn their IT assets into charitable contributions. The Pay it Forward Initiative takes those efforts to a new level by igniting employee participation and client engagement to support its mission. The company will provide its sales and marketing teams with digital equity education workshops and training to share information, program updates, and accomplishments with its clients, inspiring in-kind and monetary donations to the initiative. Liquid Technology will gift the monies raised to its current digital equity partners, Per Scholas and The Loyalty Foundation, as well as with new program partners to be selected.

“The onset of the pandemic revealed the dire need for immediate relief, and many public, private and nonprofit organizations stepped in to fill the gaps,” said Liquid Technology’s managing partner, Richard Greene. “As we stand on the doorstep of 2022, there’s good news to be had with many reporting these efforts did have an impact, but it’s simply not enough. Research estimates that 25% of homes still do not have broadband access. More devices are still needed, and those already distributed will eventually need repair or replacement. Digital acceleration and continued increases in technology in our personal and professional worlds mean more demand for skilled IT workers making it essential that students receive education in web development and coding. Yet, half of U.S high schools still don’t teach computer science. The Pay it Forward Initiative is representative of our commitment to being part of the solution as we work together toward creating a more equitable world.”