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2024 ITAD Trends

Upcycled server racks turned into gardens
Liquid Technology and Makerspace NYC server rack gardens for Earth Day

The ITAD marketplace is constantly evolving, with each year bringing us new and exciting trends. In honor of the new year, we wanted to touch on some emerging trends from this past year that we expect to see continued growth in 2024. The most prominent trend we’re taking note of is the increase in AI infrastructure. The use of AI has taken off this past year, and while we don’t have all of the answers for where it is headed, the dependence on AI will likely continue to increase data center infrastructure, pushing organizations to prepare to operate at higher levels of efficiency to accommodate AI demand. Another trend we think will continue to expand this year is cloud repatriation, with organizations shifting away from the cloud and moving back to on-premises data centers. This can be due to multiple factors such as cost, varying storage needs, and the ability of companies to have more in-house control over data management. Lastly, one of our favorite trends of the year is the increased emphasis on extending the life cycle of e-waste by repurposing it for new uses. In 2023 we saw e-waste be repurposed for furniture and even cars. The Liquid Technology team also participated in this trend by collaborating with Makerspace NYC to host a special Earth Day upcycling event where attendees created gardens from recycled server racks. We expect even more exciting trends to emerge in 2024 and look forward to evaluating if and how it will impact our industry.