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data center liquidation

A data center decommissioning is one of the largest undertakings a cloud-based service provider has to deal with because these types of companies rely on massive quantities of servers, storage arrays, and other enterprise-grade networking equipment to operate. When a data center is shut down, the company is usually left with an excessive inventory of equipment that is no longer active in the company’s infrastructure and this can be cost-restrictive. Recently, a top-rated cloud software company faced such a dilemma after determining that their company would be better positioned if […]

Recently, Liquid Technology was approached by a top-rated cloud software company to determine whether or not data center liquidation would help the company facilitate its upcoming change in its business model. The company was considering outsourcing its web hosting services to Amazon.com, but while this would place the company in a better position logistically and strategically, it wasn’t without certain challenges. Most notable being the fact that once this transfer was complete, the company was going to be left with data centers on both the east and west coasts. Further […]