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data breaches

In a report sponsored by IBM, the average cost of a data breach was $4 million. Data breaches are costly but more importantly a breach can cost your company customers. Data breaches are separated into four categories theft, loss, neglect, and insecure practices. There are a number of ways to prevent data breaches. Here is a list of ten ways to secure your data: 1. Devise a Plan at the Executive Level When developing a data breach prevention plan have all departments involved from the beginning. This helps set expectations […]

Data security needs to be a priority for every company because failing to protect the personal information of your customers or clients can have a disastrous, wide-spreading impact. From virtual attacks by hackers to data theft via hard drives that weren’t sanitized, data breaches can occur at any time and through a wide range of methods. If you don’t think your company needs to follow data security best practices, then you’re putting your company and your investment at serious risk. The following represent just a fraction of the breaches in […]