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We Buy Used Meraki Equipment | Sell Used Meraki Wireless

Liquid Technology Buys Used Meraki Equipment

Liquid Technology is a global IT broker. We purchase a variety of IT equipment including Meraki. Do you have used Meraki equipment? We help organizations resell their used Meraki equipment and receive a return on their initial investment. If you are upgrading your IT equipment and have used Meraki we can assist.

We Buy and Sell Used Meraki Equipment


  • Meraki Wireless Lan
    • MR18
    • MR32
    • MR42
    • MR52
    • MR53
    • MR65
    • MR66
    • M472
    • MR84
    • Z1
  • Meraki Security Appliances
    • MX64
    • MX64W
    • MX65
    • MX65W
    • MX84
    • MX100
    • MX400
    • MX600
  • Meraki Switches
    • Layer 2 Access Switches
      • MS220-8
      • MS220-8P
      • MS220-24
      • MS220-24P
      • MS220-48
      • MS220-48LP
      • MS220-48FP
    • Layer 3 Access Switches
      • MS320-24
      • MS320-24P
      • MS320-48
      • MS220-24P
      • MS220-48
      • MS220-48LP
      • MS220-48FP
      • MS350-24
      • MS350-24P
      • MS350-24X
      • MS350-48
      • MS350-48LP
      • MS350-48FP
    • Aggregation Switches
      • MS410-16
      • MS410-32
      • MS420-24
      • MS420-48
      • MS425-16
      • MS425-32
  • Meraki Security Cameras
    • MV21
    • MV71

Experienced Meraki Resellers

Our experienced team will help you receive a fair value on your excess IT equipment. Liquid Technology makes reselling easy. We plan the entire process, from picking up your equipment to shipping the item to the buyer. We also sell other used IT equipment such as servers, power supplies, phones, routers, and modules.

Receive a Free Quote for Your Used Meraki

Interested in working with Liquid Technology? Contact us by phone at 1-800-797-5478 or email us. Fill out our quote form and upload a list of your Meraki equipment to get your free quote now.


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As one of the industry’s leading IT asset disposition service providers, Liquid Technology provides a suite of effective impartial solutions. Discover what to look for in a quality e-waste recycler.