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We Buy Used Mellanox InfiniBand Adapter Cards & Switches

Liquid Technology Buys Used Mellanox Infiniband Technologies

If a recent technology refresh has you managing an excess of used Mellanox Infiniband switches and adapters, then contact Liquid Technology today for expedient removal of your surplus equipment. We provide quick and easy liquidation solutions that can help you save space and money while at the same time increasing your overall security.

Sell Your Used Infiniband Switches for a Higher ROI

Many companies don’t realize that their old, unused IT can sometimes still retain some of its value. There are buyers out there who are willing to pay top dollar for older, but still functioning Mellanox Technologies equipment. Liquid Technology has long-standing relationships with many of these buyers, so we can often negotiate a higher return on your inventory.

In addition, Liquid Technology doesn’t restrict ourselves to buying just certain makes and models of used IT equipment like some liquidators do. We negotiate purchasing deals for entire inventories of used equipment, regardless of makes and models. This means your entire inventory of used IT assets, including all of your Infiniband switches and adapters, will be taken off of your hands in one simple transaction.

Of course, some models of used Infiniband switches are more in demand than others. Some of the models we are currently looking for include:

  • ConnectX®-4 VPI Cards
    • MCX455A-ECAT
    • MCX456A-ECAT
    • MCX455A-FCAT
    • MCX456A-FCAT
    • MCX453A-FCAT
    • MCX454A-FCAT
  • Connect-IB™ Cards
    • MCB191A-FCAT
    • MCB192A-FCAT
    • MCB193A-FCAT
    • MCB194A-FCAT
  • ConnectX®-3 Pro Cards
    • MCX311A-XCCT
    • MCX312B-XCCT
    • MCX313A-BCCT
    • MCX314A-BCCT
    • MCX353A-FCCT
    • MCX354A-FCCT
  • ConnectX-3 VPI Cards
    • MCX353A-QCBT
    • MCX354A-QCBT
    • MCX353A-FCBT
    • MCX354A-FCBT
  • ConnectX®-2 VPI Cards
    • MHRH19B-XTR
    • MHQH19B-XTR
    • MHRH29B-XTR
    • MHQH29C-XTR
    • MHZH29B-XTR
  • ConnectX® EN Cards
    • MNEH28-XTC
    • MNEH29-XTC
    • MNPH28B-XTC
    • MNPH29B-XTC
    • MFM1T02A-SR
    • MNTH18-XTC
    • MNTH28B-XTC
    • MNTH29B-XTC
  • InfiniBand Switches
    • Edge Switches
    • Mellanox IS5022
    • Mellanox IS5023
    • Mellanox IS5024
    • Mellanox IS5025
    • Mellanox IS5030
    • Mellanox IS5035
    • Mellanox IS5036
    • Mellanox SX6005
    • Mellanox SX6012
    • Mellanox SX6015
    • Mellanox SX6018
    • Mellanox SX6025
    • Mellanox SB7790/SB7890
  • Director Switches
    • Mellanox SX6506
    • Mellanox SX6512
    • Mellanox SX6518
    • Mellanox SX6536
    • Mellanox CS7510
    • Mellanox CS7520
    • Mellanox CS7500
  • Ethernet Switches
    • Mellanox SX6018
    • Mellanox SX1012
    • Mellanox SX1016
    • Mellanox SX1024
    • Mellanox SX1036
    • Mellanox SX1400
    • Mellanox SX1410
    • Mellanox SX1710
    • Mellanox SN2700
    • Mellanox SN2410
    • Mellanox SN2100

Contact Liquid Technology Today for a Free Quote for Your Used Infiniband Equipment

With Liquid Technology handling your liquidation, you can expect fair prices, fast removal, and top-tier security. We are here to help you — quickly and easily. We can be reached by calling our toll-free number, by email or simply complete our quick form for a free quote and a Liquid Technology Assessment Specialist will promptly respond to you. Feel free to include a spreadsheet of your used Infiniband switches, adapters, and any other Mellanox Technologies equipment to help expedite the process.


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