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We Buy Used Juniper Networks Security Equipment | Sell Used Juniper

Liquid Technology Buys Used Juniper Equipment

If you’re looking for a leading computer liquidator to buy your used Juniper Networks security equipment, look no further than Liquid Technology. We are innovators in the field of liquidation and we provide fast and fair solutions to your asset management needs. With our experience and our vast partnerships with global third party buyers, we make it easy to sell your used Juniper equipment for top dollar.

We buy all models of used Juniper Networks security equipment, including, but not limited to:

Juniper Networks IDP Series Intrusion Detection and Prevention Appliances

  • Juniper IDP50
  • Juniper IDP75
  • Juniper IDP200
  • Juniper IDP250
  • Juniper IDP600
  • Juniper IDP800
  • Juniper IDP8200

Juniper Networks ISG Series Integrated Security Gateway

  • Juniper ISG1000
  • Juniper ISG2000

Juniper Networks NetScreen Series Security Systems

  • Juniper NetScreen 5000
  • Juniper NetScreen 5200

Juniper Networks SA Series SSL VPN Appliances

  • Juniper SA700
  • Juniper SA2500
  • Juniper SA4500
  • Juniper SA6500
  • Juniper NetScreen 5400

Juniper Networks SSG Series Secure Services Gateways

  • Juniper SSG5
  • Juniper SSG20
  • Juniper SSG140
  • Juniper SSG320M
  • Juniper SSG350M
  • Juniper SSG520M
  • Juniper SSG550M

If you don’t see your model of Juniper Networks equipment included on the list, don’t worry. Just send us a detailed list of your inventory and we’ll provide you with an accurate quote for your equipment.

Contact Liquid Technology to Sell Your Used Juniper Networks Security Equipment

Liquid Technology is regarded as an industry-leading computer liquidator. We have a national presence and we provide fast payouts at rates much higher than other liquidation firms. Contact us today by email, by phone at 800-797-5478 or by filling out our free online quote form, and one of our asset specialists will respond to you promptly. For even faster and more accurate service, please feel free to include a spreadsheet with the details regarding the used Juniper Networks equipment you’re interested in liquidating.


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