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We Buy Used EMC Storage | Sell Used NAS & SAN

We Buy Used Clariion, Used EMC Storage & More

Liquid Technology is one of the industry’s leading buyers of used EMC storage. We work with a huge national directory of third party buyers who are regularly interested in buying large quantities of used Clariion, used Celerra, used VNX, used EMC storage and other used SAN and NAS equipment. Because of our position in the industry and our experience in dealing with third party buyers, we can purchase your complete inventory in a single transaction while providing you with a higher return on your investment.

Liquid Technology Buys All Models of Used EMC Storage

Liquid Technology is one of the few liquidation companies that accepts all makes and models of used EMC storage. If the equipment has residual value, we will buy it at the best possible price. If, on the other hand, the equipment is antiquated, broken or simply has no value on the secondary market, then we can arrange professional e-waste recycling and disposal of the equipment so your company is in compliance with EPA mandates for proper e-waste disposal.

Some of the used EMC storage models that are regularly in high demand include:

Used Clariion

  • EMC Clariion CX4 – CX4-120, CX4-240, CX4-480, CX4-960
  • EMC Clariion CX3 – CX3-10, CX3-20, CX3-40, CX3-80
  • EMC Clariion CX – CX200, CX300, CX400, CX500, CX600, CX700

Used Data Domain

  • Data Domain – DD120, DD140, DD160,
  • Data Domain – DD510, DD530, DD565, DD580
  • Data Domain – DD610, DD620, DD630, DD640, DD660, DD670, DD690
  • Data Domain – DD860, DD880, DD890, DD990
  • Data Domain – DD2200, DD2500, DD4200, DD4500, DD7200, DD9500


  • EMC VMAX – VMAX 250F, VMAX 450F, VMAX 850F

Used VNX

  • EMC VNX – VNX 5100, VNX 5300, VNX 5500, VNX 5700, VNX 7500
  • EMC VNX2 – VNX 5200 VNX 5400 VNX 5600, VNX 5800, VNX 7600, VNX 8000
  • EMC VNXe – VNXe 3100, VNXe 3150, VNXe 3200, VNXe 3300

If you do not see your inventory on the list, please contact us with a description of your equipment including brand names and we will get back to you with a quote.

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Contact us to sell your used EMC storage, used Clariion, used Celerra, used VNX or any other used network hardware for fair liquidation prices and fast removal of your excess IT assets. We are here to help you – quickly and easily. We can be reached by calling our toll-free number, by email or simply complete our quick form and a Liquid Technology Assessment Specialist will promptly respond to you. Feel free to include a spreadsheet of the computer hardware you are interested in liquidating to help expedite the process.


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