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Sell Your Schools Used Chromebooks Today

Every time your school undergoes a technology refresh, what do you do with all of the used Chromebook laptops that are being replaced? If you’re like many schools, you store the equipment in a closet somewhere on campus or you pay a monthly price to store equipment that has no operational value for your school in a warehouse.

This type of action creates three problems for your organization:

    1. It places your school at risk of suffering a data breach
    2. It costs your school money, time, and resources
    3. Your school is losing out on a possible return on the investment by sitting on the equipment

Liquid Technology can help you avoid these problems. We provide fast and reliable computer liquidation services that can alleviate your organization of its inventory of used Chromebooks quickly so you can increase your data security and possibly recover a return on your investment.

We Buy Used Chromebooks in Bulk

It doesn’t matter how much equipment you have retired over the years, Liquid Technology has the resources necessary to liquidate bulk inventories. And, we don’t place manufacturer or model restrictions on our clients; we liquidate your entire collection. It is important to note that not all equipment has resale value on the secondary market. For instance, older models of used Chromebooks that are no longer functional cannot be resold or reused. These pieces will undergo DOD-certified data destruction and be disposed of and recycled in a manner that is approved by the EPA.

Of the equipment that still has residual value, Liquid Technology relies on its well-established relationships with third party Chromebook buyers to help get you the highest return possible.

We buy Chromebooks From All Manufacturers

      • Asus Chromebooks
      • Acer Chromebooks
      • Dell Chromebooks
      • Haier Chromebooks
      • HP Chromebooks
      • Lenovo Chromebooks
      • Samsung Chromebooks

Get a Free Quote for Your Used Chromebooks

Contact Liquid Technology today for a free quote for your inventory of used Chromebooks. We will buy your entire inventory of unused equipment at fair liquidation prices and with fast equipment removal. We are here to help you – quickly and easily. We can be reached by calling our toll-free number, by email or simply complete our quick form and a Liquid Technology Assessment Specialist will promptly respond to you. Feel free to include a spreadsheet of your used Chromebooks and any other IT assets you want to liquidate to help expedite the process.


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