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The Global E-Waste Trade is Deadly Recently in a Congressional briefing, Congressman Ted Poe addressed the need for setting up a more stringent e-Waste export policy. At the meeting, Tom Sharpe, Vice President at SMT Corporation, noted startlingly facts from a study that was created by the US Senate Armed Services Committee. The report exposed how the global e-Waste trade could be more harmful than you think. The study found 1,800 cases of counterfeit parts in military technology. The report identified that many of the parts came from China. The […]

Here at Liquid Technology, we’re passionate about proper e-waste recycling. Every year, approximately 20 million computers are tossed out in the trash and that equipment, most of which contains toxic chemicals and corrosive materials, ends up in our landfills where these materials gradually break down and enter the environment. It’s a cumulative problem with cumulative consequences. But, as it turns out, Liquid Technology isn’t the only company trying to make a difference. It was recently revealed that the computer giant, Dell, is launching two innovative new programs to help reduce […]

With the passing of the NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act, businesses in the State of New York are now required to recycle their computers and electronic equipment in accordance with EPA e-waste disposal guidelines. And in 2015, the Act will be extended to include individuals as well. No longer can you throw your unused computer equipment in the trash. Businesses and individuals will need to find a reputable e-waste recycling facility where they can safely dispose of their electronics in accordance with the new law. At Liquid Technology, […]