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On Site Hard Drive Shredding | Electronic Waste Disposal


Multi-Location On-Site Shredding & Electronic Waste Disposal

Problem: A National Insurance Company had a surplus of unused IT equipment, from PCs and laptops to servers, switches and routers, collectively stored in locked closets in three different locations across the United States. Much of the equipment was antiquated and held no residual value. The client had over 2,500 hard drives and tapes and hundreds of pieces of de-valued technology that needed to be wiped clean of data and then disposed of in a manner that met the Environmental Protection Agency’s mandates for electronic waste disposal. The Company’s chief concerns included:

  • A no hassle, all-in-one removal of the equipment at each location managed by one company
  • Secure, cost-effective and compliant on-site hard drive shredding and data destruction
  • Environmentally-responsible electronic waste disposal

Solution: Liquid Technology proposed an eco-friendly initiative that included a fast and fair equipment evaluation, on-site hard drive shredding and data destruction and asset recovery brokerage negotiations with EPA-certified vendors for the equipment that had retained some of its value. Environmentally responsible disposition would be provided for any technology that failed to retain any of its operational value.

Results: Liquid Technology performed a thorough evaluation of the Company’s unused assets and determined that some of the equipment still had re-sale value. After compensation was provided for the equipment, Liquid Technology dispatched a fleet of trucks for on-site hard drive shredding and pickup of I T assets at each of the Company’s locations. The hard drives and tapes were shredded on-site using Liquid Technology’s proprietary shredding equipment which strictly adheres to the D O D 5220.22M guidelines. In addition, Liquid Technology’s engineers bar code scanned each unit prior to destruction and then video recorded the entire process. Upon completion, the client was delivered a PDF report of the bar code scan with serial numbers included and was presented with a DVD video of the entire on-site hard drive shredding process. Thanks to Liquid Technology’s affordable suite of services and with the revenue from the equipment sold, the Company was able to have their sensitive data effectively destroyed and the equipment safely disposed of while recouping 50% of the costs attributed to liquidation and data destruction, thereby successfully meeting each of their objectives.


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