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Jacksonville Florida Computer Liquidators | Data Destruction

Liquid Technology has a branch office in Fort Lauderdale that provides IT asset management services to most of the state’s major cities, including Jacksonville. Computer liquidators from Liquid Technology will come to your place of business to inspect your inventory of unused equipment and provide you with a fair and accurate quote for service. Our liquidation experts are highly experienced with a keen understanding of current market conditions, so that knowledge, along with our large directory of third-party buyers, allows us to accept components other firms may refuse and provide above-average prices for your still-operable IT equipment. Don’t waste time and money storing equipment your business no longer needs. Contact our Jacksonville computer liquidators today.

Jacksonville Data Destruction

Besides providing best-in-class computer liquidation in Jacksonville, data destruction and e-waste disposal and recycling is also available from Liquid Technology. We provide auditable data wiping services using our proprietary software for DOD-compliant data destruction in cases where the equipment is going to be sold or reused elsewhere. We also use state-of-the-art hard drive shredders and degaussing equipment should you prefer the hard drives to be physically destroyed as well. Liquid Technology is licensed and insured and we adhere to all local, state and federal mandates concerning the proper disposal and recycling of e-waste materials, so your company will never be at risk of fines or penalties from the EPA.

To learn more about Liquid Technology’s IT asset management services or to schedule a consultation with our experienced Jacksonville computer liquidators or data destruction experts call 1-800-797-5478. Or, if you’re ready to schedule liquidation or data destruction service, simply fill out our online quote form and one of our Assessment Specialists will respond promptly to start the process. To expedite service, feel free to include a detailed list of your surplus inventory.


Looking for an e-Waste Recycler?

As one of the industry’s leading IT asset disposition service providers, Liquid Technology provides a suite of effective impartial solutions. Discover what to look for in a quality e-waste recycler.