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Why is data destruction important?

Why is data destruction important?

Data destruction is critical for preserving the privacy and security of your data – both for your company and for your clients. Secure data destruction is important to ensure that excess IT equipment no longer in use cannot give away any privileged data to unauthorized sources.

How can digital data be destroyed?

Digital data can be securely destroyed either physically or electronically. Physical data destruction like hard drive shredding and crushing render the hardware unusable. To ensure that the data is unable to be recovered, it’s important to follow the physical destruction guidelines set forth by NAID and NIST. This  includes data erasure and hard drive degaussing, which permanently erase the data either through electromagnetic interference or data wiping software.

How do you permanently erase data so it cannot be recovered?

Data can be permanently erased through a number of reliable methods, including secure data erasure and hard drive degaussing. Liquid Technology meets or exceeds NIST and DoD standards for each of these methods, ensuring that sensitive data can never be recovered.


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