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Dot Com Case Study

Dot Com Liquid Technology

Liquid Technology has worked with various organizations to help them with their ITAD challenges. When it comes to ITAD we know needs may vary from industry to industry, so we crafted case studies to illustrate some of the common issues different industries face. We’ve assisted organizations moving offices, migrating to the cloud, and upgrading technology. In each case study, we cover the pain points, unique challenges, our solution, and the client’s results. See below for a snapshot of our Dot Com Case Study.

Pain Points

  • Environmental impact of end-of-life equipment a primary concern
  • Auditable data destruction required for PCI compliance


To perform proper IT liquidation and e-waste recycling by a trusted, e-Stewards certified company.


Liquid Technology liquidated IT and other assets in an environmentally-friendly manner and created a cost-effective solution for datadestruction.


A positive monetary return after equipment resale and reduction of e-waste by the client.

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