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DOD Data Destruction Standards & Certifications

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Data Destruction Demystified: Understanding DOD-Certified Data Destruction

Why is DOD data destruction so important to an organization’s security? The reason is because every transaction-making business keeps certain information related to their operations on file. This information may include customer names, banking information, account details, medical information, and/or any other type of sensitive information. Should this data fall into the wrong hands, the company could find itself in serious legal trouble. As a result; it’s imperative for all business managers and owners to understand the difference between simply erasing information and destroying it in accordance with government regulations.

Liquid Technology provides an easy-to-understand explanation of DOD data destruction standards, necessary certifications, and more. In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The guidelines for The Department of Defense Standard 5220.22-M
  • The guidelines for NIST Publication 800-88
  • What it means to be a certified data destruction company
  • How to ensure the data destruction company you choose adheres to government mandates
  • How to tell if the software being used by a data destruction company is effective
  • Industry-specific regulations and more


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