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Computer, Office & Server Props for Movie and TV Productions

If you’re a filmmaker and you need computer props, office props, or other types of technology props, then Liquid Technology probably has exactly what you need to create the perfect set piece. Because we’re one of New York’s largest computer liquidation firms, we have a huge inventory of liquidated electronics equipment in our warehouses. We can supply your film, television, or commercial set with the set pieces you need to tell an accurate and engaging story.

Create a Realistic Office with Liquid Technology’s Office Props

At Liquid Technology, we have all of the office props you need to bring your set to life. We have computer props ranging from desktops and laptops to monitors, printers, and more. We even have both Mac and PC equipment available so your set can be as detailed and consistent as it needs to be.

Whether your script calls for server props for creating the ultimate computer control room, telephone and communication systems for realistic looking office sets, or any other type of IT or office equipment, Liquid Technology’s vast inventory of rentable equipment is sure to have exactly what you’re looking for.

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If you’re interested in renting computer props from Liquid Technology for an upcoming studio project, just give us a call at 800-797-5478 and speak with one of our prop specialists. If your set calls for detailed, authentic-looking IT equipment, then contact Liquid Technology today!


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As one of the industry’s leading IT asset disposition service providers, Liquid Technology provides a suite of effective impartial solutions. Discover what to look for in a quality e-waste recycler.