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Liquid Technology’s America Recycles Day Event to Promote Ethical, Thorough and Environmentally-Friendly IT Asset Disposal

The Event Will Deliver Easy Access to Safe and Responsible Electronic Equipment Recycling for Employees of Participating Companies

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Liquid Technology, an industry-leading IT asset disposition service provider, announces that it is hosting an event in partnership with Discovery, a leading global real-world media and entertainment company, and NFP, a leading insurance broker and consultant, in recognition of America Recycles Day on November 15, 2019.

America Recycles Day has been a nationally recognized annual event for more than two decades, seeking to underscore the importance and impact of recycling, reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, conserve natural resources, save energy and more.

As the digital world grows, the turnover of old or unusable IT assets is increasing, and the amount of generated e-waste is growing. In a recent whitepaper, Liquid Technology reports that Americans alone throw away 9.4 million tons of electronics every year. If dumped into landfills or not recycled properly, these items can release dangerous chemicals and metals into surrounding soil and water. Additionally, with data security becoming a critical concern, the importance of effectively managing lingering data in unusable or unnecessary equipment is growing. As a result, environmental and personal concerns about the effects of improperly managed e-waste are becoming a vital consideration for the safety and security of global ecosystems and communities.

To ensure further education and proliferation of ethical and responsible ITAD practices, the Liquid Technology team will be at the Discovery and NFP offices to allow employees to easily dispose of their lingering end-of-life assets. All collected equipment will be taken and processed by Liquid Technology free of charge. By participating in this event, the employees of Discovery and NFP are avoiding any damaging e-waste practices and protecting the safety of both their personal data and the global environment.

“Even as awareness of the dangers of improper e-waste procedures grows, it can be difficult to find a recycling partner that offers true peace of mind, transparency and trust,” states Richard Greene, Managing Partner at Liquid Technology. “By delivering events like these, we not only help spread greater awareness, but we also provide a trusted and effective solution for individuals, like those at Discovery and NFP, that are looking to make positive strides and implement ethical and responsible practices.”

As a leading e-waste recycling service provider and ITAD specialist, this event underscores Liquid Technology’s enduring commitment to promoting safe and beneficial ITAD processes. All of Liquid Technology’s services are e-Stewards CertifiedR2 Certified, and ISO 14001 Certified, ensuring all needs and regulations are met thoroughly, easily and with transparency. To help businesses and individuals learn more about ITAD best practices, the company has also created several whitepapers outlining how to create a retirement plan, what certifications mean and more.

To learn more about Liquid Technology, visit www.liquidtechnology.net.